Nigerian Study Abroad has complied with the International Standard in Counseling Students aspiring European Education, Assisting them in Course, University and Country selection, Managing University Admission, Visa Formalities, Pre-Departure and post-landing services.

ISO 9001-2008 Certification - Nigerian Study Abroad Consultants Ltd. (Nigerian Study Abroad) has been awarded the ISO 9001 2008 with Certificate No. I/QSC-4006. ISO 9001-2008 is an international organization for standardization of Quality Management practice, offering several international management standards throughout the world.

NAFSA-Association of International Educators, USA: NAFSA is an international organization, based in USA, promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to those in the field. NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by setting standards of good practice, providing training and professional development opportunities, providing networking opportunities, and advocating for international education.

EAIE - European Association for International Education is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalisation of higher education in Europe and around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active in international education.