Work Visa

Work Visa

To work legally in European countries skilled professionals from Non European countries need temporary residence permit .Then skilled professional needs Job offer from in European country i.e spain,germany etc.Then candidate will apply Temporary Residence Permit in home country .


It is a situation enabling to stay in EUROPE more than 90 days but less than five years with no need to perform labour activities.. That is to say, for those who prove to have sufficient resources to cover their maintenance and stay expenses and, when appropriate, including their family during the period the residence permit is requested. It possible to change status of residence to work and residence status in case of employment or self-employment.

Necessary Documentation

Visa application

valid passport,

Police Clearance Certificate

Medical certificate,

Accreditation of sufficient resources. (Originals and copies)

The Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office might request a personal interview. The authorities normally process the application within period of one month. The applicant can collect visa, if granted, within period of one month from the day of notification. The issued residence visa will incorporate an initial residence permit. The validity period of mentioned permit will start from the entrance day in EU country. The entrance will have to take place within visa validity period that might not be longer than three months in any case. The temporary residence permit will have the validity period of one year.